More snakes than ladders

A video from the project A Different Take (led by Dr Gill Main, University of Leeds) which worked with children, young people and parents to explore what life is like on a low income and come up with ideas to improve life for everyone in the community

Bullying: strategies for staying safe

Animated video produced by Dr Hayley Davies (University of Leeds), Fiona Benjamin and Dave Austin (Families Feeling Safe Protective Behaviours Services), drawing on findings from their respective research with children and Protective Behaviours work with children, young people, and families and professionals. The animations reflect story-lines that children have discussed in research accounts of their families and they are intended for children, families and for professionals to use in their safeguarding work with children and families.

Landless Children

An ethnographic film about childhood in the context of the Landless Workers’ Movement in Brazil, Espirito Santo, by Michalis Kontopodis (University of Leeds)


Pushing back

A video from the London panel of A Different Take, where young people discuss the most important issues affecting the lives of people in poverty and what they think should be done about them.








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