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Education for the Future Conference attendees

Education for the Future Conference, July 2019, Leeds

With the ICY Research Centre as its core, our Global Inclusion, Childhood & Youth Network offers a broad platform for the development of large-scale transdisciplinary research and international cross-sectoral partnerships across and beyond the University of Leeds. It aims to shape research and policy agendas at interconnected regional, national and global levels. Our vision is to be a national and international leader in transdisciplinary national and global research with a focus on human development, learning and well-being across multiple contexts and across the life span.

Cross-Linked University of Leeds Research Centres:

Language Development & Cognition satellite

Centre for Global Development

Centre for World Cinemas and Digital Cultures

Centre for Immersive Technologies

Centre for Disability Studies

Centre for Digital Education

Leeds Social Sciences Institute

ICY Partners & Collaborators From Across Sectors:

Leeds City Council


Save the Children UK

National Children’s Bureau

The Children’s Society

Child Poverty Action Group

Digital Society Network

Reform Radio

VOICE: Views On Interdisciplinary Childhood Ethics

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